Custom API integrations

Integrate payments into your existing checkout flows through our APIs

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Direct Integrations

Mamo Business offers APIs you can integrate directly with your website. While our APIs are fully documented and accessible to anyone, we recommend that you work with a developer to complete custom integrations.


All API related info can be accessed here.

To get your API key:

The API Key can be retrieved from the Developer page on your dashboard

  1. Login to your Mamo Business dashboard

  2. Navigate to the Developer section from the nav bar

  3. Copy your API key

Your API key is extremely sensitive, and is equivalent to your password. It should be treated with care and never shared with anyone excepted your trusted developers. Keep it safe and private at all times.

Anyone who gains access to your API key will be able to execute transactions on your account.

Our API reference docs details all the available API endpoints and how to interact with them. Please share these with your developer(s).


You can find the latest documentation detailing integration information and more using the link below.



  • Using the provided APIs, businesses are able to create new payment links here

  • Fetch charge status after a payment has been made, link here

Recurring Payments

  • Recurring payments have two parts to them

    • A recurring payment item, such as a Netflix subscription or a gym membership

    • A customer subscription to the recurring payment item. For example, John signing up to the The Gym membership

  • Using the create payment link API, a subscription payment link can be created by passing in the subscription info detailed on the docs here

  • The APIs then offer the following functionality

    • Fetch a list of the subscribers to a recurring payment

    • Fetch all payments made against a recurring payment (all payments made by all subscribers)

    • Unsubscribe a customer from a recurring payment

    • Delete a recurring payment. This means that all existing customers will be unsubscribed. And no new customers will be able to create new subscriptions.


  • Using the payouts API, businesses can now issue payouts in bulk without visiting the Mamo Business dashboard. API details can be found here

  • A business will be able to issue payouts in bulk and then check on the status of such payouts


  • Using webhooks, a business can receive updates on

    • Successful payments

    • Failed payments

    • Successful recurring payments

    • Failed recurring payments

  • More details can be found here

To utilize webhooks:

  1. Add your webhook URL by making a call to the API here

  2. Any updates to the subscribed to notifications will be sent to the webhook

  3. At anytime you may

    1. Check the webhook config

    2. Update the config

    3. Delete the webhook subscription

Checkout XP

The on-page checkout experience which offers a seamless customer experience without the need to be redirected away from your website.

E-commerce integrations

Mamo Business currently supports several third-party e-commerce platform integrations. Visit this page to learn more.

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