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Branding setting

Add your business branding to the payment link that your customers get

Updated over a week ago

To view and update your information:

  1. Select Settings from the left menu:

    1. Select Branding

  2. Logo: To change the logo that appears on your payment links, simply upload it in PNG or SVG format. Please make sure the maximum file size is 500 KB.

    1. If you do not have a logo you can leave this empty and the Mamo logo will be used.

  3. Brand color: The brand color will influence the entire payment form. Make sure you use #HEX (6 alphanumeric characters).

  4. Accent color: The accent color is used on buttons. Make sure you use #HEX (6 alphanumeric characters).

  5. At any point, if you don't like your customization, you can reset your changes by using selecting the Reset to default button located at the top.

Don't forget you can preview your brand setting live by choosing previews for Payment, Customer details, Card information, Thank you pages, both in desktop and mobile.

Please note that Branding is a Premium feature.

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