Mass Payouts

Learn about Mass payouts, high volume payouts to suppliers, vendors, contractors, and other businesses

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Save on bank fees and disburse high-volume payouts to suppliers and vendors straight from your dashboard.

  • Select Spend management > Mass payouts on the left menu

  • Select Create payout

  • Enter details of your payment

    • Upload a single .csv or .xlsx file with a list of payouts in the correct format

    • Download a sample file for the correct format

  • Your payout checklist:

    • Document is in the correct file format (Download a sample file)

    • Payout amount is in AED

    • Minimum amount per payout is AED 10

    • Your uploaded file follows the correct format

    • The total payout amount doesn’t exceed your current account balance

    • All linked bank accounts are based in the United Arab Emirates

  • Select Confirm payout

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