About the Mamo Card
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What is the Mamo Card?

The Mamo Card is a versatile prepaid card that is directly linked to your Mamo Business balance, which can be conveniently topped up directly from the payments your business collects on a day to day basis. Think of it as a convenient way to settle your business expenses, without dealing with complicated bank transfers.

Where can I use Mamo Card?

The Mamo Card can be used anywhere and everywhere, online and offline! It is exactly the same as the personal debit or credit card you use on a daily basis today.

The Mamo Card can also easily be linked to your Google Wallet, enabling you to tap-to-pay at participating stores.

With the Mamo Card, you can make purchases online, offline and even withdraw money at ATMs. You can also link the Mamo Card to online subscription services.

The Ultra Plan

If you are signed up for the Ultra Plan, the more you spend on the Mamo Card, the more you unlock in significantly discounted transaction fees on future payments.

In other words, using your Mamo Card to pay for business expenses will result in significantly lower payments transaction fees for your business.



Number of free Cards

Cost per additional card


1 Free Card

AED 19 / month


3 Free Cards

AED 9 / month




Based on your business plan, you will always have a fixed number of free cards allocated to your account. For instance, if you are subscribed to the Premium plan and have been assigned 3 free cards but deactivated one of them, you can still replace it for free, maintaining your total number of free cards at 3.

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