ATM Withdrawals
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Is there a charge to withdraw cash from an ATM?

When withdrawing money from any ATM in the UAE, there are no charges. But if you use an ATM outside the UAE, a fee of AED 20 per withdrawal will be applied.

Are there any limits to withdrawing money?

The limits on ATM withdrawal amounts on each card are as follows:

Withdrawal limit for a single transaction

AED 10,000

Daily withdrawal limit

AED 20,000

Weekly withdrawal limit

AED 35,000

Monthly withdrawal limit

AED 70,000

You can withdraw up to 8 times daily on each card. It’s important to note that you can only withdraw the balance on your Mamo Card and not directly from your Mamo Business account balance. So please ensure your Mamo Card is sufficiently funded before attempting to withdraw any funds.

My card is retained by an ATM

If your card gets stuck in an ATM, it is important to deactivate it immediately from the cards section of your dashboard. Once deactivated, you can proceed to create a new card from the same dashboard.

Occasionally, an ATM may retain a card due to factors outside of Mamo’s control, such as hardware failures in the bank's ATM. If you would like to know why your card was held, we recommend reaching out to the ATM provider for more details.

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