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Pricing, plans and subscriptions

Learn about our pricing, plans, subscriptions and transaction fees

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Prices, plans, and subscriptions

You may select your plan during the sign-up and registration process. Mamo Business currently offers several pricing plans:

Growth plan

Premium plan


Enterprise plan

2.9% + AED 1

2.7% + AED 0.8

1.9% + AED 0.80

Chat with us or call 600587007 for custom pricing plans that work best for your business or industry.

AED 0 / month

AED 149 / month

AED 399 / month

For customized commercial proposals, please speak to our sales team using the Chat.

Understanding the Mamo Ultra balance

Your Ultra balance is how much in payments you’re eligible to collect at a discounted fee. The Ultra balance increases as your spend on Mamo Card increases. The Ultra balance shown on your dashboard is updated in real-time and is calculated as such:

Ultra Balance = Starting balance this month + Mamo Card spend this month - Redeemed this month from payments received.

Note: Cash withdrawals at an ATM are excluded, and don't add to your Ultra balance.

Starting balance this month

This is your initial balance at the beginning of each month, rolled over from unused balance the previous month.

Cards spend

The total amount you’ve spent using your Mamo Card from the 1st of this month until today.


The total amount you’ve received in payments from the 1st of this month until today, which was redeemed from your Ultra balance.


  • Suppose your Starting balance is AED 1,000; and

  • Your Mamo Card spend for that month is AED 500; and

  • You have not yet received any payments this month.

Your Ultra balance becomes AED 1,500.

Suppose, after your Ultra balance has been updated to AED 1,500, you collect payments worth AED 500. This is classified as a "Redeemed" amount and, as such, reduces your Ultra balance to AED 1,000.

With an Ultra balance of AED 1,500, you can receive payments of up to AED 1,500 with the following transaction fees:

  • UAE transactions: 1.9% + AED 0.8.

  • International transactions: 2.45% + AED 0.8.

If your Ultra balance reaches 0, you can continue to receive payments as usual, but your transaction fees will be as follows:

  • UAE transactions: 2.7% + AED 0.8.

  • International transactions: 3.2% + AED 0.8.

Changing plans

You can switch plans anytime by following the steps below.

  1. Log into your dashboard.

  2. Go to Settings at the bottom of the left panel.

  3. Select Plan, and under Current plan.

  4. Select Change plan, and select the plan you’d like to switch to.

To access early settlement plans such as same-day or next-business-day options, please contact us using the Chat.

Subscription plan renewal

If you’ve chosen any business plan with a subscription, your subscription automatically renews at the end of each billing cycle.

Subscription plan and fees

If you are on one of our subscription plans and you have not had any transactions on any given month, don’t worry, you won’t get charged the subscription fee for any month you don’t receive payments.

The subscription fee will be deducted from the first settlement of your billing cycle. If the first settlement doesn’t cover the entire subscription amount, the amount will be deducted from subsequent settlements within the same billing cycle.

How is the FX fee on payments calculated?

Depending on your pricing plan, when customers pay in a currency other than AED, an additional foreign exchange (FX) fee applies to your regular transaction fees; here are FX rates by pricing plan:

Pricing plan

FX rate

Growth plan


Premium plan


Ultra plan


This means an additional percentage of each transaction (1.5%-2%) will be added to your regular transaction fee.

For example:

  • Suppose your account is on the Premium plan.

  • A customer pays you USD 100 using an international card.

  • The total transaction fee will be 4.2% (2.7% + 1.5%) + AED 0.8, excluding VAT.

Another example:

  • Suppose your account is on the Ultra plan.

  • A customer pays you USD 100 using an international card.

  • The total transaction fee will be 3.4% (1.9% + 1.5%) + AED 0.8, excluding VAT.


The standard 5% VAT is only charged on your transaction fee, not the total amount paid to you.

For example:

  • Suppose your account is on the Growth plan, with a rate of 2.9% + AED 1 for UAE transactions.

  • Suppose a customer pays you AED 100 using a UAE card.

  • The pre-tax fee will be AED 2.9 + AED 1 = AED 3.9.

  • The 5% VAT is calculated on AED 3.9 (3.9 + 0.20).

  • This brings the total amount charged to AED 4.1.

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