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Create a payment link

Create a payment link in one of two ways:

  1. Use the Create a payment link button:

    1. Log into the dashboard

    2. Select on the Create payment link button located on the left-hand menu of the dashboard

    3. Select whether you’d like to set the amount for the customer

    4. Enter the description for the payment link

    5. Continue to customize the new link depending on settings and preferences you’d like on the payment link

    6. Give the link a name to help track and find the payment link (see How do I name my payment link?). Labeling the link is for your internal use only. It won’t be visible to customers

    7. Copy the new link and share away!

  2. Use the Payments > Payment links menu:

    1. Log into the dashboard

    2. Visit Payments > Payment links located on the left menu of the dashboard

    3. Select the “+ New link” button located at the right top

    4. Select the desired settings and preferences and follow the steps to complete the process

To keep track of the number and details of payments that have been received using a specific payment link, select the link from the Payments > Payment links menu.

You can also download this information as a CSV file for your records.

Customize or brand a payment link

  • Log into the dashboard

  • Select Settings on the left menu

  • Select Branding

  • Add your company logo, brand and accent color

  • Select Save

💡 Tooltips next to each element show a brief description of that element.

Name a payment link

It's good practice to name payment links right after you’ve created it. You can give the link a name by selecting into the “Untitled link” or existing name field. If you forget to name the link right after you’ve created it, you can always come back at any time to complete the process. Links names can be changed as many times as you want.

Notifications when a payment link is used

Immediately after the customer successfully completes a payment using a payment link, you and the customer will receive an email receipt. The receipt will include your customer’s name and other transaction details.

Additionally, you can keep track of all your payments and the different customers from your dashboard.

Apple Pay or Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay are enabled by default on every payment link. Alternatively, customers can enter their debit or credit card details if they choose.

Customers will need to have either Apple Pay or Google Pay enabled on their respective device to use this payment method. Here's a guide you can share on setting up Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Please note that Apple Pay is not currently supported on Google Chrome browsers (Apple and Google are competitors). Users must use Safari to pay using Apple Pay.

Payment link expiry

Payment links do not expire.

However, if you have set a limit on the payment link, then the link will automatically deactivate once the limit has been reached.

For example, suppose you create a payment link and set the capacity limit to 5. The link will automatically deactivate after 5 payments have been received, and users will be sent to a page explaining that the link is now inactive.

If you don’t set a limit on the payment link, the link will remain active and reusable by customers until it is deactivated. You can create, deactivate, and reactivate your payment links from your dashboard.

No penalties

We hope you love our product and service so much that you would never stop using us! There are no penalties fees associated with not using a payment link. They will live forever on the internet, unless you deactivate.

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