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WhatsApp payment links

Learn how to operate Mamo's WhatsApp payment links

Updated over a week ago

Create payment links from WhatsApp

Create payment links on the fly by chatting to the Mamobot via WhatsApp!

Please make sure you are using the same WhatsApp number that is registered with your Mamo Business account, otherwise the bot won't recognize you.

If you would like to add a different number to your account, please get in touch with u using the Chat on your Mamo Business dashboard.

Mamobot contact number

To get started, simply WhatsApp the Mamobot at +971 58 529 6266.

Instant payment links

To instantly create a payment link, simply respond with the amount you need.

For example, ‘380’ or ‘499.99’ or ‘2349.99’ for amounts with decimals.

The amount will be created in AED currency.

This Mamobot flow does not include any customizations to your link, for example, entering descriptions. To do that, follow the customize your payment links below.

Customize your payment links

You can create customized payment links using the Mamobot. Customized link creation is a 5-step process and should take less than a minute to complete.

To create a customized payment link follow these steps:

Respond with ‘C’ in WhatsApp and answer the questions from the Mamobot. Here are the customizations you can do with Mamobot:

  1. Change payment link amounts

  2. Add descriptions on your payment link, targeted at your customers

  3. Ask your customer for a custom message while they are making a payment

  4. Offer your customers the option to leave a tip via your payment link

  5. Choose whether you want your customer to provide their contact details (name, phone number & email) with the payment

Please check back regularly to learn more about new super powers we'll give the WhatsApp Mamobot. If you have any feedback on what you'd like the bot to be able to do, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via Chat on your Mamo Business dashboard.

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