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What currencies are available?

Mamo Business payment links, invoices and recurring payments are all offered in multiple currencies. You can choose your desired currency when you create your payment link, invoice or recurring payment.

Who pays the currency exchange fee?

Depending on the currency of your payment link, invoice or recurring payment, the currency exchange fee can either be paid by your customer or you:

Your payment is in AED

If your payment link, invoice or recurring payment is in AED currency, and the cardholder (your customer) is using a non-AED card to pay, they will end up paying the currency exchange rate set by their issuing bank (i.e. the bank that issued their credit or debit card). In these cases, Mamo has no control over these rates.

Your payment is in a non-AED currency

If you would like to save your customers some money, and enable them to pay you in their local currency, then you can use our multi-currency capability.

When using multi-currency payment links, invoices or recurring payments, your customer will be charged in their local currency.and will not have to pay any currency exchange fees.

In this case, you (as the business) will have to pay a currency exchange fee on behalf of your customer, and these fees are set by Mamo. You can review our currency exchange fees on our website.

Available currencies

The Mamo team is adding new currencies regularly, so be sure to visit back for updates! Here are the currencies Mamo Business currently offers:

Currency code

Currency name

AED (Default)

United Arab Emirates Dirham


Australian Dollar


Canadian Dollar


Swiss Franc


Algerian Dinar


Egyptian Pound




British Pound


Indonesian Rupiah


Indian Rupee


Moroccan Dirham


Pakistani Rupee


Qatari Riyal


Saudi Riyal


Turkish Lira


United States Dollar

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