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How secure is the Mamo Card?
How secure is the Mamo Card?
Updated over a week ago

Visa 3DS transactions

Visa's 3D Secure (3DS) is an authentication protocol designed to provide an additional layer of security for online card transactions. It reduces the risk of fraud by verifying your identity before a transaction is completed.

When you make a purchase, 3DS prompts you to confirm your identity through a one-time password (OTP) sent to your mobile device. This ensures that the transaction is actually being made by you.

The Mamo Card leverages Visa's 3DS technology to enhance the security of your online transactions. By utilizing 3DS, Mamo Card ensures that every transaction is authenticated, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized use. This means that when you shop online with your Mamo Card, you'll be prompted to verify your identity, providing peace of mind that your card is protected against fraudulent activities.

Manual freezing

Account admins and cardholders are able to freeze their Mamo Card at any time through the Mamo Business Dashboard. Once a card is frozen, it can no longer be used for any purchases. We recommend you get in touch with us via chat to report any suspicious transactions.

Automatic freezing

Our risk team constantly keeps a watchful eye out for any suspicious transactions that take place on your card.

If we detect unusually spend, your card will be frozen automatically and we’ll notify you via email so you can review potentially fraudulent transactions.

If you find the transactions are valid, you can unfreeze your card from the Mamo Business Dashboard and continue spending as usual.

If you don’t recognize an expense, you can always file a dispute by contact us via Chat.

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