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What could cause my account to be suspended?

A suspended Mamo account is rarely good news for our customers. However, in order to keep Mamo safe, secure and reliable for all of our other customers and to remain in compliance with local laws and regulations, we are sometimes required to suspend accounts.

We will now give you an overview of the most common factors that are taken into consideration when Mamo suspends an account. These include but are not limited to:

  • The nature of your business being outside of our risk appetite. Please review our Prohibited and restricted businesses article to learn more about the types of business we cannot work with

  • The payment failure rate on your account is unusually high.

  • The transaction patterns on your account are suspicious

  • You have a high dispute rate (most customers file disputes against you)

  • Your account violates any of our terms and conditions

Although the list above is not exhaustive, it covers the most common reason for account suspensions.

Can you tell me why my account was suspended?

In accordance with Federal legislation and local laws, regulated entities like Mamo cannot disclose the exact reasons for an account suspension.

What happens to my funds if my account is suspended?

Three things can happen to your pending funds when your account is suspended. The exact course of action will depend on the reason for the suspension.

We refund any pending transactions to the original card

When Mamo believes that there is an extremely high chance of future disputes or when payments are confirmed as fraudulent, Mamo will refund any transactions that are pending settlement to the original source. Please note that these decisions are covered in our terms and conditions and are final.

We hold the funds until the 180 day dispute risk period has elapsed

If your account is suspended Mamo will have no way to process any payments on your behalf in the future. That said, if there is a high risk of potential disputes and pending payments are not fraudulent, Mamo is obliged to ensure that your account has sufficient balances to offset these potential disputes. Therefore, the only way for Mamo to secure itself is to hold onto your pending funds until the risk of disputes disappears. Rest assured that, in this scenario and once this risk disappears, Mamo will settle your pending funds. Please see the "Account Deficit" section in our terms and conditions for more information.

Please note that the any decision we take will adhere to local laws as well as the terms and conditions that you agreed to during registration and will be final.

We release any pending funds to you immediately

When Mamo believes that there is no risk of disputes and there is no fraud occurring, we will release any pending funds to you immediately in the last settlement to you.

The decision taken above is based on internal compliance and credit risk policies at Mamo and you will be notified of the final decision via email.

What happens if I use Mamo for purposes that don't relate to my business?

As a regulated entity, Mamo is required to conduct what is called "ongoing monitoring" of all our business customers. As part of this monitoring, we are constantly on the look-out for business who use their Mamo Business account for purposes that don't relate to the business that originally signed up with us.

When we face these situations, we may temporarily or permanently suspend your account until we get a better understanding about the new nature of your business.

If you have a need to use Mamo Business for purposes that don't relate to your core business, we recommend you apply for a new account (there is no limit on how many you can have!) and use the new account for the new purpose.

What happens if I intentionally use Mamo to commit fraud?

In accordance with Federal legislation and local laws, regulated entities like Mamo are required to reporting suspicious activity to various authorities including but not limited to:

Being reported to the above entities can have serious consequences on, not just your business entity, but all individual beneficial owners of your business. We highly discourage businesses from intentionally using Mamo to commit any type of fraud.

It is also prudent to point out that, when reported to card schemes like Visa and Mastercard, businesses do get permanently flagged and blacklisted. This results in any future partnerships with any and all payment processors inside and outside the UAE will be impossible.

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