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Prohibited and restricted businesses
Prohibited and restricted businesses

Learn more about the types of businesses we cannot work with

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Business industries we do not support

Due to regulatory requirements and restrictions, Mamo is unable to onboard businesses associated with the following prohibited areas:

  • Non-regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms, NFT providers

  • Non-regulated ‘Introducing Brokers’

  • CFD brokerages

  • Charities

  • Cigarettes

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • Involve the sale of products or services identified by government agencies to have a high likelihood of being fraudulent

  • Lotteries / Auction / Raffle related activities

  • Sale of counterfeit products / intellectual property infringement goods or services

  • Sale of fake subscriptions or followers on social media/fake online traffic

  • Pawn shops

  • Crowdfunding platforms

  • High-value art dealers

  • High-value precious stones wholesalers (e.g. diamonds, gold)

  • Selling databases that breach the data protection law

  • Any other business that is against the local law in UAE

  • Military / weapons / dual goods related services

  • Adult content

  • Dating and escort services

  • Cyberlockers, file sharing services

  • Illegitimate providers of cloud storage, VPN services

  • Credit repair and credit protection

  • Debt repayment and debt collection activities

  • Fines or penalty collection activities

  • Pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs

  • Sale of government ID’s or documents

  • Animals and wildlife products classified as endangered or protected (illegal sale of animals, birds etc.)

  • Call centers

  • Outbound telemarketing

  • Live streaming services

  • Gambling

  • Any kind of malware (spyware, virus, ransomware, etc.)

  • Marketing companies that sell ‘likes’ and followers on social media

  • Business that Mamo considers to be illegal or pose a risk (reputational or otherwise) to Mamo

  • Are inappropriate content, goods or services that promote, cause or further Hate/Violence/Racism/Religious persecution;

  • Activity that goes against local customs in the UAE

Restricted Businesses

Restricted businesses may be approved, but will require a more in-depth review and approval process. In certain circumstances, Mamo may require the business to provide proof of the appropriate license for the activity it purports to undertake.

  • Medical / healthcare services / pharmacies / veterinary services

  • Ancestry research (where DNA testing is involved)

  • Insurance companies

  • Regulated financial services

  • Real estate brokers

  • Any other profession/services that requires additional licensing according to the UAE law

These lists are non-exhaustive and are subject to review and change.

We reserve the right at all times to decline businesses that we consider to pose a risk, whether repetitional or otherwise.

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