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How does Mamo make money?
How does Mamo make money?
Updated over a week ago

Mamo makes money in one of two ways:


Whenever you collect money using Mamo, we charge you (the merchant) a small fee. This fee is a percentage of the transaction and is then split with multiple third parties including Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or other schemes. Charging this fee allows us to provide a payment processing, fraud-detection and customer support to you.


When it comes to our corporate cards, we actually don't make our money from you. The corporate card offering is completely free (learn more on our pricing page). Instead, Mamo makes a small fee from the merchants where your card is used to make a purchase. For example, if you were to use your card to pay for a cup of coffee at Costa, we would take our cut from Costa.


In our business, merchants bear most of the costs of receiving money. In the Payments world, you are the merchant β€”Β so we charge you. In the Cards world, you are the consumer, so we charge the merchant you bought something from! It's that simple.

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