Restricted businesses and industries

Learn more about the types of businesses that we cannot work with

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Business industries we do not support

Due to regulatory requirements and restrictions, Mamo is unable to onboard businesses associated with the following prohibited areas:

  • Cryptocurrency trading platforms

  • Non-regulated 'Introducing Brokers'

  • CFD brokerages

  • Charities

  • Lotteries / Auction / Raffle-related activities

  • Sale of counterfeit products

  • Sale of fake subscriptions or followers on social media/fake online traffic

  • Pawn shops

  • Crowdfunding platforms

  • High-value art dealers

  • High-value precious stones wholesalers (e.g., diamonds, gold)

  • Selling databases that breach data protection laws

  • Any other business that violates local laws in the UAE

  • Military/dual goods-related services

We reserve the right to decline businesses that we consider to pose a risk, whether repetitional or otherwise.

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