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Learn how to integrate with Shopify marketplace

Updated over a week ago

Businesses building their e-commerce stores using Shopify can now access Mamo's payment application.

This will allow your customers to pay using their Visa, Mastercard and AMEX.

Installation Guide

  1. Install the Mamo App from the Shopify App Store

  2. On the admin page, click Install App.

  3. For this step, an API key will be required:

    For test environments, an API key is NOT required; this can be left blank for now. Click on submit to proceed.

    For production / go live, the API Key can be retrieved from the Developer page on the business's Mamo dashboard.

  4. Once done, the page will be redirected to the Shopify store's payment settings. Clicking on Activate Mamo will enable Mamo as one of the payment options on checkout.


The following config options are available

  • Manage to update API Keys.

  • Allowed card providers to select the list of card providers that will be accepted on the store.

  • Test mode to enable and disable testing.

    Use the card details below for testing

    Card number: 4659 1055 6905 1157
    CVV: 123
    Expiry: 02/28

    Once all configurations are done, ensure that you click on save to persist the changes.


The application supports multi-currency payments out of the box, as long as the currency is supported by Mamo Business. Check here for an up-to-date list of supported currencies.

Apple Pay / Google Pay

For the time being, Mamo's app on Shopify does not support wallet payments, this includes payments through Apple Pay and Google Pay.


Can the customer pay directly in the Shopify checkout page?

This feature is coming soon.

For the time being, customers will be redirected to Mamo's payment page.

How long does it take for me to get my money?

The time it takes for your balance to get settled into your bank account depends on the Mamo Business plan that you are subscribed to. Further details can be found in the Settlement Article.

Where can I find the details of my payments?

All transactions can be viewed from the Mamo Business dashboard.

Alongside each payment, there's an external id that you can copy and look for in your list of orders to know which order it belongs to.

Do I need a Mamo Business account to use Mamo's Shopify App?

Yes, to make live payments using Mamo's Shopify app, you need an API Key which can only be retrieved if you're a Mamo Business Partner.

Mamo Business is currently available for UAE-based freelancers or businesses. To get started, please click the sign up button below and complete the online registration process. It only takes few minutes!

How do I initiate refunds?

Refunds can be initiated straight from your Shopify store. The refund transaction will happen automatically on Mamo's end.

When canceling any order, just choose the payment done through Mamo to refund.

To learn more about refunds, please check our Refund Article

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