Settlement delays

Understanding settlement timelines and common reasons behind settlement delays

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Minimum settlement amount

Settlement amounts must be at least AED 15 to be processed. Any outstanding settlements falling below AED 15 will be held in pending status until you have processed and received more payments.

When do I receive my settlements

Your settlement will automatically be transferred to your bank account within the settlement period that comes with the pricing plan that you’ve chosen.

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Bank processing times and settlement notifications

Mamo processes your settlements using local banking infrastructure. Depending on the policies and procedures of your bank, local bank transfers may take several minutes to several hours to reflect in your account.

When bank transfers are initiated, they typically go through several processes including verification, fraud checks, and other security measures. Only once these checks are completed do funds get credited to your bank account.

It is important to know that these processes, which involve coordination with multiple financial institutions, may take time, resulting in delays in settlements.

In the unlikely event that the transferred amount does not appear in your bank account within 6 hours of receiving a settlement notification from Mamo, please use the Chat to connect with us directly.

Weekends and public holidays

It's important to note that settlements are not processed during weekends and public holidays since the banking sector is not operational during these times. For payments made on a non-business day, the settlement period may be extended to the next active business day.

Same business day settlement ⚡️

With same day settlements, you can gain access your funds quickly and keep your business operations running smoothly.

To enjoy the benefits of same-day settlements and expedite your cash flow, we highly recommend upgrading to our Premium plan.

While we strive to provide prompt settlements, please note that delays may occur due to aforementioned factors.

In the event of a significant delay in settlement beyond the expected timeframe, please contact using the Chat with relevant transaction details, and we will promptly investigate the issue and provide appropriate guidance.

Cut-off times for Same business-day settlement schedules

Payments due for settlements are automatically processed and initiated daily within business hours. It is important to note that for a payment to be settled to your bank account on the same business day, it will need to be received before 3 PM, Gulf Standard Time (GST).

Payments received after 3 PM GST will be credited to your bank account the next business day. This is due to bank processing times which vary from bank to bank and is not in Mamo’s control.

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