Learn more about how Mamo protects its platform.

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As with any fintech, there is only so much we can share about how we keep our systems safe and secure. That said, please find a few high-level assurances on how we run things at Mamo.

Security by design

We make sure our systems are free of vulnerabilities through continuous testing, and an adherence to the best programming practices and industry standards.

Fraud prevention and protection

We have designed and implemented robust fraud prevention systems that rely on, both, internal and external sub-systems, to ensure that our customers are protected against bad actors.

Every transaction is scored and monitored to instantly identify and flag suspicious activity. We monitor and investigate transactions regularly through our dedicated Risk and Compliance teams. You can read more about our security and fraud prevention here.

Secure login

We protect access to your account and login using face or fingerprint identification recognition, native to your mobile device or through single sign-on (SSO) providers such as Google and Apple.

Verification before action

Any time you request a change that may be risky or impacts your finances, we always request verification to ensure it's really you asking for the change. If and when we contact you, we will never ask you for passwords, OTPs, or SMS confirmations.

Does Mamo carry out vulnerability checks on its products?

Mamo partners with trusted third-party security audit firms in the market to perform vulnerability and security testing regularly. We tackle any potential threat to our users and data as soon as possible. We’re PCI DSS compliant, and every network call is protected by SSL cryptographic protocol.

Does Mamo have a bug bounty program

If you have a vulnerability to report, we also run a unique bug bounty program. Please report your findings to [email protected] for more information.

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