Payment acceptance rates

Learn more about why payments can fail and how to increase acceptance rates.

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High payment acceptance rates are one of the core reasons a business chooses Mamo. Successful payments are the lifeblood of your business, and it is our responsibility to ensure that your payments succeed as often as possible and that your customers understand the reasons why payments can fail.

Why do payments fail?

Payments can fail for a variety of reasons, which can be grouped into three main areas:

Cardholder error

This happens when a cardholder (your customer) makes a mistake when entering his or her card details. For example, an incorrect card number, expiry date, CVV code or billing address is entered

Bank blocks

Sometimes, the issuing bank who issued a credit or debit card may have internal policies in place that result in failed payments at certain companies. In such cases, it is not the cardholder's fault or Mamo's fault, and the recommended course of action is for the cardholder to call their bank and ask for the attempted transaction to be unblocked. Note that this tends to happen a lot when US-based cards are used within the UAE

Fraudulent transactions

This is the most dangerous type of payment failure. It occurs when your customers are attempting to use stolen or compromised cards to pay you for your products or services

What can I do to reduce payment failure rates across my account?

  • Be mindful of who you do business with. Conduct due diligence on your customers where possible and ensure that they are using their own cards to pay you

  • Educate your customers about calling their banks before attempting to repeat a payment too many times

  • Ensure your customers are entering correct information (name, expiry date, CVV code) when entering card details

  • Encourage your customers to use Google Pay and Apple Pay instead of entering card details manually

  • Escalate payment failures to our support team promptly via chat

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